Reliant Surgical Center

The Reliant Surgical Center, LLC (Reliant) is a state-of-the-art, nationally accredited, free-standing ambulatory surgical center (ASC). The center is located next to the Institute and offers easy access, comfort and privacy. From the separate concierge lounge for patients and family members, to the private pre-operative holding and changing rooms, the focus of the facility's unique design is to cater to each patient's individual needs.

The facility is staffed by Board Certified Anesthesiologists who are routinely hospital-based practitioners and deliver the most up-to-date care, which, when coupled with the latest technologies, makes each patient's experience at Reliant safe, easy and enjoyable. A Board Certified Physician is present at the facility at all times that patients are being cared for at Reliant. All Physicians, full and part-time Nursing Staff who work at Reliant are ACLS certified.

Come visit and explore the amenities and comfortable environment at Reliant during your visit to the Princeton Rejuvenation Institute, LLC or the offices of one of our Board Certified Physicians conveniently located in the East Windsor Medical Commons who have been given the privilege to operate at Reliant. Come experience the professionalism and individual attention that you will receive, and rightfully deserve, should you choose to undergo your elective operation at the Reliant Surgical Center, LLC.

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