Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Mastopexy is a term that describes a number of breast rejuvenating techniques Dr. Wisser uses to customize each patient’s operation to create a fuller, more youthful breast. Most women appreciate that their breasts are not identical. Dr. Wisser’s mastopexy techniques combine various methods to improve breast symmetry, with Dr. Wisser sharing details of his operative planning with each of his patients.

Breast rejuvenating involves managing both shape and volume. Minimally invasive techniques using fat grafting require no incisions whatsoever. Incision-limiting methods both with and without implant inserting are also available and are used whenever possible. For those women who have more significant age related breast changes, combinations of lifting and reshaping techniques are available, both with and without implant inserting or fat grafting. Treatment options as well as long-term expectations are comprehensively discussed so each of Dr. Wisser’s patients feels comfortable with her treatment selection choices, knowing she will be undergoing a youth enhancing breast procedure custom designed to meet her specific needs.

Some younger patients have breasts that are congenitally more asymmetrical than the norm. This special group of young women can find their breast asymmetry to be very concerning, which is why they present to Dr. Wisser to discuss breast evening options. The doctor and his staff have extensive experience with adolescent and young adult patients, allowing both patients and parents to feel comfortable as they gain understanding behind a specific type of congenital breast deformity as well as the available treatment options.

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