Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is an operation designed to remove excess breast tissue while reshaping a woman’s breasts. Reductions almost immediately provide relief of neck and back pain, shoulder pain, shoulder notching where a bra straps rest, and skin rashes that can develop beneath the breasts once the operation performed.

Dr. Wisser’s various breast reduction techniques are designed to not only sufficiently reduce breast size, but also reshape each woman’s breasts to best fit her physical size and build, creating a more youthful and symmetrical appearance. Dr. Wisser designs each procedure to limit incision size wherever possible.

Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not provide coverage for breast reduction procedures, or, if a covered service, breast reduction preapprovals are frequently denied by claiming the operation is cosmetic rather than medically necessary. Dr. Wisser’s staff will attempt to preauthorize breast reductions through insurance plans in which the operation is a covered service, but educate patients regarding the high probability of insurance preauthorization denial.

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