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Breast Augmentation 2

October 13, 2017
by editor

... read more


August 28, 2017
by editor

The patient underwent a behind the hairline brow lifting with upper and lower blepharoplasty procedures. There was notable asymmetry and advanced lower eyelid muscle sagging that required correcting to restore symmetry.... read more

Breast Reduction

by editor

This patient had classic age-related breast enlargement and 'falling off' her previously inserted implants. She underwent implant removal and breast size reducing to create an even, natural appearing result.... read more


March 20, 2017
by editor

Adult female - Patient required a rejuvenated look; to achieve this she underwent a Kybella treatment. Patient is completely satisfied with her results after her first Kybella treatment.... read more


May 7, 2015
by admin

Dr. Wisser Rhinoplasty patient. Patient with concerns about hooking of her nose, the overall length of her nose, and how it seems to be the dominant feature when looking at her profile. She wanted her nose to appear similar to the original, but just 'look a lot better' without having to cut the bone. ... read more

Breast Augmentation

by admin

This Patient required a rejuvenated look, to achieve this she underwent a breast augment.Patient is completely satisfied with her results.... read more


by admin

Women Face Lift - Dr. Wisser... read more


by admin

Filler Patient Dr. Wisser... read more


by admin

Patient has never been able to wear a shelf bra comfortably in the past. Patient show good fullness and implant positioning at 6 weeks. Patient is now wearing a tankini for the first time since childbirth.... read more

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